Greeting cards are the best way to express your feeling for any person through a piece of paper in less money. In this article we are going to tell you about how to make greeting cards with paper at home, with less money.

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  • First of all fold the piece of paper in halfway and then press down the crease. If you want small card, you can cut the paper according to your need.
  • If you want to put extra layering in your card, paste it with glue. You can add borders to it or play with the size and design of the layering.
  • If you want to make your card attractive then draw some designs, like Christmas tree, stars, etc in front of the card and color it nicely or you can also paint something in front of the card using water colors.
  • Now add some establishments to the card. You can add ribbons, flowers, stickers to the card.
  • You can also add pop up elements for 3D dimensional effect. You can add ink stamps to give the card a vintage look. The trick of how to make greeting cards with paper at home lies in only one thing, i.e make the use of best paper and just decorate it.
  • In the front of the card, write the main message like happy birthday, happy anniversary, etc. It tells that what exactly is the card for. You can cut the piece of papers in alphabets and then stick it for the message.
  • Now you can write actual message inside the card. You can put personal memories related with the person receiving the card, to give it a emotional touch.
  • After finishing the card, you need to make an envelope for the card. You need to cut the paper into the shape of the envelope and than put the card into the envelope and give it to your loved one. You can cover the envelope with ribbons and various other materials. Just cut the envelope according to the size of the card which will go inside it.

Just add glitter to your card and it will surely turn out to be very attractive. We hope this article has helped you to understand how to make greeting cards with paper at home without spending much on the items. Just put a smile while making the card, and the card will automatically become nice.